ANDOLS is also part of Sara Mica Design.  This is our first year giving this a try and hopefully one day open a full storefront.  ANDOLS offers a select amount of items that would be found in a little boutique shop. 

Check out the fun jewlery.  Order some great plants or even some potted items for your yard.  There are arrangements to be ordered for family and friends but you can also request a custom arrangement as well. 

Jewlery of course can be mailed to any location, but right now all live plants and arrangements can be delivered locally within a 25 mile radius.



  1. 01
    Jewlery from select artists. Its so hard not to pick what I want, so to start I hope you enjoy! You'll notice that the earth, nature stones and their meanings are important to me.
    Boutique Shop
  2. 02
    Put a smile on a loved ones face. Its so much fun to deliver flowers, peoples happiness is a great reward. Select an arrangement or ask for a custom made one. Of course time of year does matter for select flowers if they are available and their price difference. NOTE: Valentines, Mother's Day, Easter, Passover, the Winter Holidays... Prices do vary
    Custom Arrangments
  3. 03
    Beautify your home or outdoor area. Succulents, Cactus, Plants. Premade potted plants for your outdoor decor.
    Plants and Outdoor Decor


Sara Mica Design offers all types of rentals.

From votives, lanterns, arches, chargers, antlers, vases and more

Click on this link:R ENTALS   for pictures and pricing.




  1. Druzy Earrings
    Druzy Earrings
  2. Gold and Silver Bar Necklace
    Gold and Silver Bar Necklace
  3. Gold and Silver cuff braclet
    Gold and Silver cuff braclet
  4. Tiny Triangle necklace
    Tiny Triangle necklace
  5. Crescent Moon Necklace
    Crescent Moon Necklace
  6. Karma braclet with little stone
    Karma braclet with little stone
  7. Opal Moon Necklace
    Opal Moon Necklace
  8. Opal moon necklace
    Opal moon necklace
  9. Turquoise and Pyrite triangle earrings
    Turquoise and Pyrite triangle earrings
  10. Pyrite necklace
    Pyrite necklace
  11. Turquoise and Pyrite earrings
    Turquoise and Pyrite earrings
  12. Tiny Triangle Necklace
    Tiny Triangle Necklace
  13. Turquoise bar necklace
    Turquoise bar necklace
  14. Turquoise and gold earrings
    Turquoise and gold earrings
  15. Gold and Silver Together necklace
    Gold and Silver Together necklace